GTD in IT - Handling multiple projects and still being productive

About a year ago I stumbled upon what was for me some kind of holy grail. I struggled for a long time with managing multiple parallel projects and lots and lots of tasks was forgotten about. Everything was an emergency and most of my time was spent putting out fires only to see a new one arise.

In comes the world of productivity; A podcast mentioned something about a productivity method (sorry, can’t remember which one) and it got me googling. I eventually landed on a talk about David Allen - The creator of GTD - It seemed to be so much more than a bunch of “productivity hacks”.

What is GTD?

GTD is a way to organize your todo-list(s), calendar, projects, notes, ideas and dreams in a way that gives you a great perspective over what you have to do and when. And the way you can handle multiple projects with it is according to me an awesome fit for IT.

If you want to learn more about GTD and it’s awesome powers:

Written on July 5, 2018