Productivity tip - Use microsoft flow to make your life easier and more organized.

A year ago i discovered Microsoft Flow.

Microsoft Flow is like IFTTT, but with waaaaay more options.

I use this for a lot of small stuff, like:

  • When a new ticket comes in from the ticketing system (announced via email) - add it to my todo list and move the email to archive.

  • When an event is about to start beginning with “OOO” and organizer is me - Add an Out-of-office message for the duration of the event with a predefined internal and external message.

  • When a task is assigned through microsoft planner - add it to my todo list.

  • When a task is finished in todoist, mark tasks in microsoft planner with the same name as complete.

  • Save all attachment from some specific addresses to folders in one drive.

  • Flagged emails are added to my todo list.

  • When a certain email address sends an email - post the contents to a teams channel.

  • When a file named “New report.xlsx” is created in a OneDrive folder:

    • Rename it to “yyyy-mm-dd - some report.xlsx”

    • Upload it to sharepoint

    • Post notification with path to Teams channel

    • Email certain people with the path to the sharepoint file

  • Emails with a subject containing “TODO:” is automatically added to my todo list and archived. So when my coworkers asks me about something, i just say; Email it to me with “TODO” in the subject.

What you want to use it for is up to you. But it can make those small tedious tasks simple or non-existent.

Written on July 8, 2018